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She stands at the Commander's side, the machine, watching through closed eyes.


"Aleph squad is suffering heavier losses than expected. OPFOR is deploying paraphysical weaponry. Cantor and Biject have ejected their cores, and Omega is running low on ammo."

"What is your combat readiness?"

"Full green, ma'am."

"And what is your duty?"

"The flawless execution of your will, my Lady."

"Good girl. Bring me victory."

"In your name, it shall be done."

And then she's gone, leaving only the shattered ground where she once stood.

The Lady likes to have her pet with her during interrogations, kneeling and leashed and arms wrapped around her leg. Both for intimidation purposes and because seeing their former leader so deeply in love with their enemy is quite demoralizing. Seeing the woman that had given her that scar across her face salute her in uniform for the first time and pledge her eternal loyalty was an indescribable thrill. Sometimes she shows it to the prisoners just to enjoy their reactions.

After they've spent long enough in captivity, she goes down to their cells and speaks a certain activation phrase. There's almost always one or two in each group that's weak-willed enough that the subliminals in the speakers compel them to stand. They're taken away for... processing. And then a few weeks later there's a new POW camp guard.

Those who don't break aren't mistreated. There is no torture, no beatings, nothing of the sort. But seeing your former friend and squadmate with a barcode under her cheek, hearing them say "time to get back to your cell, prisoner?" It's almost worse. Especially if she used to not have breasts, if her voice used to be lower, if her smooth face used to be dotted with stubble, and if her name is quite different.

The Lady has a type, after all.

Sometimes there's a battlefield romance, but only one of them breaks to the subliminals. She usually then has the other brought in so they can watch their former lover lavish attention on their superior, moan in ecstasy at her touch.

"I love her so much, but I still love you. Please, just let her break you? Then we can be together again!"

It's not even a lie. When they accept the offer, they're reunited, their love only deepened as they bond over their new obedience.

And they always accept it eventually.