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GOLD SHADOW outwardly appears to be a human woman in her early 30's, however [REDACTED] nonstandard body [REDACTED] small arms fire and close combat. INFRA GLYPH was successful in injuring GOLD SHADOW, but [REDACTED].

GOLD SHADOW's appearance is a negative match across [REDACTED]around 20[REDACTED], but [REDACTED] the company of GOLD STAFF (see entry).

GOLD SHADOW's goals align with GOLD STAFF and has shown overt hostility to Agency assets in [REDACTED], causing $[REDACTED] of damages.

Agency personnel encountering GOLD SHADOW are advised to avoid engagement unless trained in [REDACTED] combat and equipped with [REDACTED] weaponry of type-[REDACTED] or above; contact should be reported under code NADIR BLADE. In the event that GOLD SHADOW and GOLD STAFF are found together, report immediately to [REDACTED] wide-area [REDACTED] deniability [REDACTED] casualties.